Hangout blade service

Flex Wind has decades worth of experience in the wind industry, this knowledge has contributed to the innovation and creation of Hangout. Hangout is a new form of bladeservice, which eliminates the flaws of existing blade service methods such as rope service and open platforms.

Blade service is often associated with lots of wind and rain days, which some days makes blade repairs impossible with existing methods. The outside temperature also influences blade repairs, which means blade maintenance is seasonal work in most countries. If for example a turbine is struck by lightning during winter, it has to be temporarily repaired. Then it has to be repaired again during warmer weather for the epoxy to work properly. Hangout can be sealed from the outside, and provide factory like conditions inside the platform. Thereby making blade repairs possible all year.

Hangout has countless benefits compared to existing blade service methods, we have tried to list all of them below:

  • Hangout can be operated in winds up to 14 m/s
  • Much safer than existing methods, as personal are inside the platform with fall arrests on.
  • Can be operated all year round
  • Turbine standstills are limited to the minimum, since there is less rain and wind days using Hangout
  • Lunch and toilet breaks are significantly limited, because there is a toilet and a small break room onboard Hangout.
  • Hangout is the closest thing to disassembling the blade from the hub, which assures the highest quality blade service.