Total Wind becomes Flex Wind

Total Wind became Flex Wind in 2017, but the story of Total Wind already started 2003. Vestas technician Jens Nygaard, after 15 year in the field felt it was time to start his own business. Total Wind spread out with own offices in nine countries, offering services around the world. In 2011, Total Wind made yet another successful market entry in Brazil. It all started from a Hotel room, where clients were acquired and the hunt for talented staff begun. From day one the team of Danish, Portuguese and Brazilian staff was setting on knowledge transfer to young and talented technicians often without experience. Over the years, those technicians most of which are with the company form the early days, have become the best supervisors, with the most hours in service of Brazil. Nothing was left to chance, only the best and most advanced tooling found and still finds its way in our tool bags. Innovation, and knowledge transfers from other offices have always made us extremely flexibly in providing new services to our clients. In 2017 Total Wind Brasil split from the Group in Europe being the only active and fully owned overseas subsidiary and renamed to FLEX WIND.

The choice of the name Flex Wind arrived from the unique position in the market, being able to offer an extensive flexibility in the services that are offered to Flex Wind’s clients and its outstanding responds time to react to their demands.

The new brand Flex Wind represents the only company offering solutions for installation, maintenance, blade inspections and repairs, up tower repairs, supervision, health and safety tasks and gearbox solution within the wind industry in Latin America.

Total Wind Brasil has been working independently from the Group since its beginning in 2011, as such, there have been only positive benefits for our clients. Flex Wind is can focus 100% on the needs of its business partners. This means more dedication and more free resources to improve our business relationship further.

For this to succeed, the new brand incorporated the most valued strength and characteristics of the Total Wind Group, e.g. technicians, know-how, tooling, innovation, but will also incorporated new systems and process to adapt to our markets more efficiently. Our roots, “made in Denmark” continue at Flex Wind.

In January 2018 we registered the 1.000.000th service hour to our clients, contact us and become part of the next million.