Flex Wind expands its shareholder base

In 2018 Flex Wind and Jens Nygaard began the transformation of Flex Wind from being strongly represented in LATAM into setting up business activities on a global scale. To strengthen Flex Wind’s market position and ensure further growth the majority owner Jens Nygaard and the current partners has sold part of Flex Wind’s shares to Take Off Capital, an investment company owned by Ingvar Jensen.

The partnership with Ingvar Jensen is a logical step in securing Flex Wind’s sustainable growth”, Jens Nygaard states. “Ingvar Jensen has many years of experience in the wind industry, and throughout his career, he has demonstrated his skills within building a global company, and still keeping the customer's satisfaction in the center of the business

Ingvar Jensen states “Jens Nygaard holds a very strong technical experience and understanding of the customers’ needs. His focus on customers challenges and innovative approaches to new solutions is unique. With a strong footprint in LATAM and a fast-growing setup in Europe Flex Wind has a lot of opportunities in the market for service and installation of wind turbines”.
The successful establishment in Europe in 2018 is until now, mainly driven by strong performing installation activities, managed by the Head of Construction and Partner in Flex Wind, Kamil Kuczynski.

The reason for Jens Nygaard, Kamil Kuczynski and Ingvar Jensen teaming up is simple: “We believe we can create one of the best-performing companies in the wind industry.”
We want to be one of the best – but not biggest – partner and supplier to the wind industry. The quality and safety standard we deliver must be state of the art, as well as the attractiveness to work for Flex Wind must be very high. The foundation for our vision is: Everything begins with a satisfied customer”.

Jens Nygaard and Kamil Kuczynski will continue in their positions as CEO and Head of Construction, whereas Ingvar Jensen with effect from October 1st 2020 will take the role as partner and board member and support the organization in the execution of Flex Wind’s 2025 strategy

Flex Wind is currently holding a pool of app. 250 highly qualified and well-performing technicians, servicing its clients on- and offshore. Flex Wind provides installation and full-scale services of wind turbines, such as gearbox repair, advanced blade repair, and scheduled/unscheduled service. The activities are performed in mainly LATAM and Europe. The customer base is counting the top 5 OEM and several utility companies – in total 100+ customers.

Please contact Jens Nygaard – jnl[@]flex-wind.com – to learn more about our new and innovative solutions and how we can increase your output and lower your costs.